Inspiration – Crowdsourced Supplies for Hospitals

Due to the CoViD19 Pandemic, there is a scarcity or even non-availbility of urgently needed medical and protective equipment. Health and safety of medical professionals and patients is put at immediate risk. At the same time, many people- among them designers, makers and logistical professionals- are volunteering to help and support those heroes fighting CoViD19 at the front line by producing urgently needed supplies (e.g. with 3D Printers). In the past view weeks, all over the world, many grass-roots initiatives where founded to adress the shortage of supplies and help in this ongoing crisis. Many of those initiatives are facing similar problems, namely to provide an easy to use interface for the medical professionals to order equipment or to have good quality and standard designs to use.

MedPrint is here to solve this problem. We are developing an easy to use, easy to deploy, adaptable open-source platform that can be used by local grass-roots initiatives to manage their workflow and provide a design database that they can use.

Get the open sourced platform open source available and deploy directly or customize to your needs on ->